SmartQueue by KNOWTHM

Let your shoppers register from anywhere

With SmartQueue, your customers can register from your website, Google Maps or your retail store.

Our algorithms bring your customers to the store, at just the right time.

SmartQueue AI optimizes queue priorities making sure there is always a next client to serve and that all high-value clients are served at peak hours.


Keep your customers engaged

To keep your customers engaged on their way to  store, SmartQueue integrates with the most common communication methods: SMS, Whatsapp and Messenger. 

Customers are greeted, kept informed about any delays, ongoing promotions and are proposed a feedback survey right after their experience.

Customers who have exited the queue can be contacted at a later date by your sales teams.

Shopper drops off the line

Regain your lost cutomers

Shoppers who did not complete their purchase and  wish to continue their journey can be recontacted, and invited back by a sales team to complete the transaction, by simply rescheduling with an appointment.

Measure the improvement of Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Overall Satisfaction

SmartQueue includes a  feedback invitation that helps measure the customer experience as soon as the shopper leaves your store.. 

SmartQueue offers integration with most Voice of the Customer (VoC)  platforms.


Embed SmartQueue into your online purchase journey

To engage shoppers when they feel the need to purchase , retailers can embed SmartQueue into their customer’s online purchase journey.

It does not require any customisation and is easy to implement.


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