Customers queuing and waiting to see a sales associate is a pretty common sight when you’ve visited your retail stores. It’s a normal part of the purchase journey to experience long wait times, especially when your consumers need to be signed up and credit checked to get their brand new device. Your customers already know that they will experience long wait times when they come to your store to purchase their phone, but do they like it?

After a recent poll we carried out on LinkedIn, our followers said:

With the poll being at a constant 50/50 balance throughout the test it was interesting to see what our followers thought of their customers.

Here at KNOWTHM, we were a little amazed at the behavior of these results, but not surprised.

It’s a common misconception that customers are happy to wait to complete their purchase. After all, mobile phones are valuable, and depending on your in-store systems, signing a customer up can take anything between 20-30 minutes to complete the transaction. Surely, customers are just happy to be able to get their new phone, so long as they have a good time while they’re in the store. Isn’t it true that good things really do come to those that wait?”

After a recent study, we found out that customers are happy to wait… but only for a little bit.

Customers who had to wait longer than 13 minutes would become dissatisfied with their service and experience of your brand. For every additional minute over 13 minutes, their Net Promoter Score (NPS)would drop by 1.15 points, resulting in 0 points by the time they get to 22 minutes. 

Your brand and business reputation are heavily impacted by NPS Score; a tool that measures whether your customers would recommend you to others. Customer dissatisfaction also lasts for 2 years, the entire term of most mobile phone contracts, resulting in possible churn at the end of their contract.

Further still, we also found out:

  • 22% of shoppers intending to purchase wouldn’t complete their journey due to time constraints.
  • 10% of shoppers will not wait long enough to meet a sales associate and would abandon their purchase.
  • Even if they get to meet an associate, 12% of these shoppers wouldn’t complete their purchase due to lack of time.

SmartQueue by KNOWTHM evidences a reduction of wait times by up to 50% when compared to First In First Out (FIFO) traditional queuing methods. With SmartQueue, customers can see their position in the queue virtually on their device and arrive at the store exactly when they need to. If they’re unable to wait, customers can be invited back to the store at a later, more convenient time. This experience results in improved store performance, better NPS Scores, and happier customers.

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