When working with customer experience, the best way to measure customer loyalty is through NPS: otherwise known as Net Promoter Score. This tool allows you to accurately pinpoint your customer’s likelihood to recommend your business, their loyalty as well as how satisfied they are, thus supporting your marketing strategies in the best possible way.


Ask your customers: “On a scale of zero to 10, how likely are you to recommend our business to a friend or colleague?”
  • Anyone giving a score of 9 or 10 is considered a “promoter” client. They will likely think and speak positively about your business to those around them. They are true marketing ambassadors and highly valuable for recommendations.
  • Anyone scoring 7 or 8 is considered a “passive” customer. They are unlikely to advertise your services in any way but they don’t think negatively about you. These consumers are more likely to swing their opinion of your business based on your service.
  • Anyone scoring from 0 to 6 is considered a “detractor” consumer. They won’t hesitate to share any dissatisfaction they have about you with those around them. Although, they are more likely to voice their opinion through social media reaching the wider public.


Your Net Promoter Score is simple to calculate. It is the subtraction of promoters minus detractors, using their totals via percentages: (% Promoters) – (% Detractors) = NPS You will get a score between -100 and +100. The closer your NPS is to 100, the more likely your customers are to recommend you. On the other hand, if your NPS score is closer to -100, you should review your customer experience as soon as possible.

Thanks to a study carried out in Belgium in 2020, KNOWTHM discovered that customers experiencing long wait times in store would considerably decrease the Net Promoter Score for that business. The longer the wait time, the higher the percentage of detractors for that brand.

However, by using a simple, customizable queuing tool, it is possible to better manage queues and improve customer satisfaction, increasing promoters for your brand.

With a tool like SmartQueue it is even possible to revolutionize the way customers will wait for service in your store, improving their experience overall.

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