When lockdowns are lifted, customers are happy to visit their favorite stores, restaurants, bars, museums and other venues. While an increase in customer visits is more than welcome, managing those entries and exits has become a real headache. On top of all the social distancing rules, retailers also must handle endless queues.

Fortunately, out of every crisis come new ideas and new technologies.

Improve the customer experience by reducing line-ups

Retailers have quickly adopted new safety protocols to cope with COVID-19, but long line-ups remain a critical issue. Because of the pandemic, customers are waiting longer and may have to line up outdoors. Rain and snow may discourage shoppers from even venturing out to a physical store.

Consumer engagement begins at the queue. If the wait is too long – more than 13 minutes for phone retailers – customers will perceive their overall experience as negative.

The solution? SmartQueue from KNOWTHM – an AI-driven web-based queue-management system that lets customers book their visit from the comfort of home or on the go and monitor their position in the queue in real time. SmartQueue helps them feel safe in your store while letting you deliver an A+ shopping experience.

Optimize your teamwork and boost sales

SmartQueue not only improves the customer experience, it also helps store managers increase sales by optimizing their sales team’s work schedules to prioritize high-value customers.

With traditional queuing systems, a customer who leaves the queue is a customer lost. But with SmartQueue, a customer who books a visit but does not show up can be called back, providing an extra opportunity to convert this customer.

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